DSSG celebrates Employee Engagement Week

At Datar Security Service Group (DSSG), our employees are at the heart of everything we do, hence we are committed to building a culture that is about performance and making people feel good about how they contribute to the company. We believe that if employees are emotionally invested, they contribute better to an organisation.

DSSG recently celebrated Employee Engagement Week #LockdownSeNikle_OfficeMeinAtke in a big way. The activities commenced from 20 September 2021, where all the employees spent every evening playing games while bonding over music and good food!

The week kicked off with the Hula Hoop challenge where everybody participated with great enthusiasm and gusto. Some other activities that were organised include Draw in the Dark, The Floor is Lava, among others.

Neil Bakshi, Assistant Manager — Business Development, said, “The activity week was a great way to uplift moods and make the work-environment a safe-space for fun and games. I’m sure it left lasting grins under everyone’s masks.”

Later on, people gorged on their favourite snacks such as Aloo Puff, Samosa, Burger and Chips, and prizes were raffled off to wrap up the festivities. There was also a Frost Freak Corner set up for the employees where they devoured Cornetto ice cream. Additionally, the fun photo booth props had all the employees laughing and having fun the entire week.

Jyoti Vaid, Assistant Manager — HR was thoroughly impressed with the entire week and said, “The engagement week was an excellent way to bring multiple teams together. Every one put their best foot forward and really enjoyed the fun challenges put up the organisers.”

Another participant, Preeti Jha, Senior Accountant — Accounts Department felt that the engagement week provided a chance to interact and become familiar with others outside of their immediate team, department and office location.

Overall, it was a memorable day, and one that’ll be talked about for a while around the office! Although September 20–24 marked the Employee Engagement Week, DSSG appreciates the efforts of their employees every day.




Founded in 2004, DSSG is an integrated security company specializing in the delivery of security and related services to customers across 15 states.

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Datar Security Service Group

Datar Security Service Group

Founded in 2004, DSSG is an integrated security company specializing in the delivery of security and related services to customers across 15 states.

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