Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet: Thou shall have fun like old school way

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2 min readJun 27, 2022


Gone are those days when life was easy and had a lot to offer, unlike the rush that we all have been gushing over to that one final night of the dream come true moment.

No matter how hard we try to accomplish certain things in life we indeed leave something behind that is essential to the very being.

“Thou shall have fun like old school way”

Re-Connecting your soul

Rooting back to the existence of all the human beings, let’s go back to the time when growing up was not just restricted to the technology-driven childhood rather going out and playing in the raw field with mud, sand, and dust was the only adjective one could understand for a rich nature.

From building mud houses to creating dusty memories will just take you down the memory lane of how cutely you have lived those days of sheer innocence.

Plastic Bottles to Earthen Pots/Bottles

Have ever seen a simple change adding a great benefit to our nature as well as to the well-being of the entire humankind?

Replacing water dispensers with earthen pots or earthen water bottles is one of the best initiatives one could incorporate for a sustainable environment which will not only replenish your soul but will also help you contribute towards a great good.

Plastic bags to Jute Bags

Remember, when our grandparents used their fancy cloth bags for getting groceries or other important household things?

Don’t you think it reflects a special bond between mankind and nature which imbibed the beauty of things around us and how we were preserving everything around us and yet living a life full of satisfaction! Women fondly stitched different sizes of handbags for different purposes which gave them meaning to spend their time effectively back in those days! Right!

Synthetic Farming to Organic Farming

There are certain things that you can just not learn from any book or school but have to have the experience to get to the essence of it and Farming is the best way to cultivate that motherly touch of nature. Organic farming is not only adding value to one’s livelihood but also having a greater appreciation for food.

You don’t have to wait for the right time or too big of a space to start your own organic farm, it can just start by planting two saplings of herbs on your balcony and its addiction will perhaps take you to your own small world of kitchen farming.

Sometimes, It isn’t the big steps that you take that give you a different perspective of life rather all you need to do is reflect back on the times and try to relive those moments leading to a sustainable and eco-friendly livelihood!



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