How cultivating thy own greens benefits the environment?

People turn to gardening for several different reasons. They might garden to grow their own produce, or it could be a purely aesthetic undertaking, or to improve the look of their property and fill the space with lush greens, or even fulfilling a personal desire to create. The point is that many gardeners aren’t even aware of how what they do can help the environment.

Adding plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to our gardens, is a way of helping the environment. Essentially when we garden organically, we improve the quality of soil and air. Instead of taking anything away from the natural world, we are growing our own food, decorating our homes. This way we add or tend to something green and beautiful. Look out for some benefits of gardening below and become a part of a healthy environmental impact:

1. Plants cleanses the ground and air- We all know how plants produce oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. While taking in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using their leaves, in return expelling oxygen and water. Human’s waste product carbon dioxide, which we exhale when we breathe, is recycled by these plants into something essential for our survival! That is not all, they also purify the air around us of chemicals and bacteria, giving us an overall healthier environment to be in.

Plant roots also help to take in any deviant chemicals or heavy metals that might be prowling in your soil. Taking into consideration how deep humanity’s carbon footprint is these days, anything that takes away Co2 and harmful chemicals from the environment is definitely helpful.

2. Well placed plants and shrubs reduces cooling cost- The sun’s energy can heat up your home quickly, as a result you turn on your air conditioning or any other cooling device for extended periods of time. This causes a negative impact on the environment- in terms of how that energy is created and the costs of running them. Trees and shrubs planted in areas can help block the sun, being incredibly efficient in keeping your homes cooler and reduce the use of fossil fuels in doing so.

3. Growing your own food diminishes carbon footprint- Global warming is caused by too many greenhouse gases, that traps heat in the atmosphere. As time passes, this warming contributes to ubiquitous climate change, which results in melting ice cops, raising sea levels, and progressively severe storms and wildfires. Growing your own food means fever trips to the departmental/grocery stores, where products generally come from great distances. Locally grown and sourced produce is always better for the environment than foreign/imported produce, growing your own veggies in your backyards or gardens is as local as you can get.

4. Restrains soil erosion- The roots of any plant help bind the soil together, making any kind of erosion less likely to happen from heavy rains or sliding downhill from slopes. Extensive root systems in plants keep topsoil from moving around or eroding. Plant roots can also add nutrients and moisture to the soil. Plants that die and decompose every year, called Annuals, eventually break down and turn into nutrients that succeeding plants can feed on to the following season. It is to say, the more you plant the more soil you’ll be able conserve.

5. Reduces the size of landfills- According to perfect for home; landfills, usually where our home dump trash and garbage goes; 30% of these dumping grounds are filled with yard waste and food scraps. Another study by Avris Tech says, 7.5 tons of food are discarded daily in India. This collected waste, in the long run, produces a gas called methane that’s harmful for the environment. By composting, mulching, or recycling, gardeners can help reduce the amount of waste their household produces and ends up in dumping grounds. In return, making their own gardens healthy.

6. Gardening helps preserve local wildlife and pollinators: Butterflies, spiders, birds, bees, and squirrels will all be appreciative of your efforts in gardening. In times where so many natural habitats lay waste or demolished, gardening gives these animals a place to feel home and comfortable. When we plant trees and fragrant flowers, we give back to these critters, and enjoy their presence and the benefits they provide.

We live in a time when any green effort you make, makes a lot of difference. Any sort of greenery that you can grow is going to produce a positive impact on your environmental surroundings. It not just about aesthetics, gardens are constituent of a healthy space and a reduction in the carbon footprints.



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