Planet Black to Planet Green: Thou Shall Walk More and Drive Less

One of the most amazing ways to connect with nature is to stay connected to the roots of mother earth and one of the simplest ways to feel nature is by walking barefoot on the grass.

Walking barefoot is the most underrated form of relaxing your mind and soul. It not only gives you a sense of belonging to one’s environment but reconnects you to the greater and more peaceful aspect of life!

But wait a minute!!

Do we have that much time? Can we spare a few extra minutes just to walk by rather?

Well, of course, the answer will simply be “Perhaps the next time”!! And the entire balance just shifts with that one casual decision to the increased carbon footprints, air pollution, noise pollution, breathing issues, and what not!

A Walk of Health

Remember, how little things in life give you immense pleasure and satisfaction even though you are surrounded by the luxury of life!

We are so busy with the fast-paced life and show-off lifestyle, we’ve forgotten the essence of beautiful gardens and parks around our houses or a simple walk that could prove to be one of the greatest stress busters.

Rather than going for a drive to relieve your stress, you can take a healthy walk and complement it with someone’s company to make it worth your time!

Go Green Go Public

Having public transport is a blessing in disguise, where you not only save fuel but are also contributing towards an eco-friendly way of living. This small initiative can play a major role in creating a greater impact on our environment as it considerably reduces the air quality as well as controls the level of pollution.

Did You Know: Air Pollution is considered the major environmental risk factor in the progression of diseases such as Asthma, lung cancer, and low birth weight to name a few!

Car Pool: The New Normal

Go back to the old school days when people used to travel together to spend time together and catch up with those near and far!

But today’s luxury has taken a toll on us where we just have forgotten the essence of having a stress-free car pool drive which not only helps in reducing pollution but also gives you time to interact with people all along the routine distracting you from heavy traffic.

Planet Green Bikes

Remember making a whole bunch of memories in our childhood with our bicycle rides? Those are the cherished days of life! Bike races or treasure hunts are one of the fondest memories whenever we reminisce about those days of sheer innocence.

However, what if I tell you that we all can have a chance to relive those memories but with a twist, especially if you’re living in Delhi NCR!

One of the best and eco-friendly means to commute from one place to another is to commute from ‘Planet Green Bikes’ that are easily available across 14 locations in Delhi and one of the most liked means of commutation by the people. The process of renting is also very simple with the bare minimum cost of INR 10 per hour, after the first 30 minutes.

How cool and economical is that, right!



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