Steps Toward a Long-Term Natural Lifestyle

When you think about a normal day in your life, with all its comings and goings, with our busy schedules and the comfort that comes with living currently, most of us don’t think about how everything we do impacts the environment.

The modern lifestyle we have developed allows us to buy more things than we need, use more power than we have to, and waste more resources than we require. However, we should learn that if we don’t need to use our phones, then we shouldn’t; if we don’t need to buy a new pair of jeans, then we shouldn’t and if we don’t need the extra glass of water, then we shouldn’t order it. Our planet’s resources are finite, and we must acknowledge the fact that we depend on them for life, and we don’t have to waste them because they won’t be available for much longer. Hence, it is important to reinvent the modern lifestyle i.e., natural living.

Natural living has various benefits. Not only does it provide better health, but it also helps reduce our carbon footprint. Less stress, financial savings and more safety are other benefits.

Sounds good, right? In fact, it’s one of the best changes you can make for yourself. However, it is not as easy as it may look. You must understand the meaning of natural living before you can enjoy its perks.

Natural living means being conscious of the environment. The objective is to make our planet a better place by making eco-friendly choices. This means focuses on reducing toxic load and choosing natural alternatives.

Here’s how you can achieve a natural lifestyle.

1. Choose Natural Cosmetics

Did you know that cosmetics are loaded with chemicals? Phthalates that can lead to endocrine disruption are found in skin lotions, fragrances, nail polish and hair products. Traces of asbestos, known to result in cancer, are widely used in concealers. Formaldehyde, commonly found in hair straighteners and nail hardeners, can irritate eyes, skin, nose and the respiratory tract, and can cause cancer with high levels of exposure.

Imagine the amount of toxic load these cosmetics put in your body. Hence, it is advisable to switch to natural brands at the earliest and look for the label “phthalate-free” before buying.

2. Cook from Scratch

Ready-to-cook food packets are one of the biggest hindrances towards creating a natural lifestyle. Removing these pre-made food items will take out a host of preservatives and chemicals our bodies were never designed to ingest.

You can start your non-toxic lifestyle by cooking from scratch. A few minutes of cutting and peeling vegetables will not only cut fats and calories but also save you money.

3. Ditch Disposables

Disposables like cups, plastic bags, napkins, and other single-use plastic items are a threat to the environment. They pollute water bodies, generate waste and negatively affect bird and marine life. Simply put, using disposables is in no way eco-friendly, let alone part of a natural lifestyle.

If you want to reduce your toxic load, ditch disposables and use reusable alternatives. For example, buy fruits and vegetables loose and carry them with a cloth bag. Carry your water bottle and reusable metal straw to restaurants. For meals, use metal cutlery instead of disposable plastics.

4. Buy Organic Bedding

Natural living is not all about cosmetics and food. It’s about embracing this lifestyle everywhere, including your house.

For example, your mattress could be filled with toxic chemicals. Memory foams are often made with synthetic chemicals. Not only can these have an adverse effect on your health but they’re also bad for the environment.

That is why it’s advisable to buy organic sheets and mattresses made with 100% natural latex, wool or cotton. These natural bedding items are durable, breathable and free from any toxic volatile organic compounds. Besides this, replace polyester fiber pillows with buckwheat pillows. They’re odour free, breathable, adjustable, low maintenance and chemical-free.

5. Prefer Natural Remedies

If you are on medication, go for natural remedies where possible.

For example, honey works well for a cough, peppermint oil helps with irritable bowel syndrome and chicken soup is good for treating cold. You can also use cinnamon to control blood sugar.

Having said that, never endanger your health by using so-called ‘natural’ remedies where medication is the safer choice.

6. Grow Food

Even if you buy organic food, starting a kitchen garden is an important step towards leading a more natural life. Additionally, you will find great joy watching a seed bloom into a delicious fruit!

Fix a spot in your balcony or garden to start a vegetable garden. Just make sure the spot receives plenty of sun. A reserved area that’s partially shaded can grow both shade-loving herbs and sun-loving vegetables.

7. Unplug and Connect with Nature Instead

You can’t live a natural lifestyle if you’re connected with technology all the time. Although being connected digitally has become a necessity for various reasons, including banking, communication and navigation, unplugging during vacations and meals can be incredibly refreshing and important. Use this device-free time to connect with nature. It will not only make you less stressed but also help you unwind.

These baby steps can make a big difference in your life. Take it slowly and remember that each change is a win. It will gradually become a habit and you will be reaping its long-term benefits. Although it’s a time-taking process, don’t get discouraged and lose patience. Look at the big picture and take that first step.



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